Classic Reel 811 Limited edition

Classic Reel 811 Limited edition

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Articleno: 101403 
Availability: 20-50
Manufacturerno: CR8-11LL

Limited Edition 25 pcs blue metallic
Order now for delivery March/April

Old world "classic" look with ultra-modern braking system. Capacity WF10+220yd/30lb

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Short-shafted, straight-eye tube-hook built according to the same principle as the double salmon. Qty: 10 per package.
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Our new SDS running lines are designed to offer both superior line shooting performance and unparalleled longevity of use. Built on ultra low stretch central core, the SDS running lines offer outstanding slickness and minimal contact friction with the rod on each outbound cast. With excellent shooting properties as standard, the ultra low stretch characteristics of SDS running lines also ensure rapid and positive detection of even the slightest of “takes”.
Availability: 1-10
kr 490
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