Cross S1 Double Hand 15´  #10, MediumFastAction

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Articleno: 100026 
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Manufacturerno: CRO10150-4MF

Super-strong featherweight fly rods, with an emphasis on fishing. The design requires minimal input power where the rod does the job. Recomended line weight: 40grams or 620grains

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LOOP Icon snapback soft washed-brushed cotton foam-front with breathable, nylon mesh-back. Contrasting stitching. Medium crown and velcro adjustment. Embroided L-icon. (One size fits most)
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The Opti Drift incorporates a specific short taper profile to max- imise both casting efficiency and fly presentation when overhead and underhand casting. Developed to excel in challenging wind conditions, this line configuration is also a highly effective solution for fishing in restricted areas where casting space is limited. With an extended back taper to enhance mending and a dual coloured profile to optimise line lift, the Opti Drift is an excellent perfor- mance fly line for freshwater species.
Availability: 50++
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