Evotec 100 Float, WF # 5

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Articleno: 100228 
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Manufacturerno: 100WF5F

Evotec 100 covers everything: over- or underhand, short or long casts. 10.4 meter head lentgh, a real allround line.

WF5Floating10,4m29m12gIvory/Moss Green

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The LOOP Eat, Sleep, Fish, cap is a baseball styled fishing cap that has a stylish design and a mesh back for great breathability in hot weather. The cap is available in a one size fits most and the snapback adjustment allows you to alter the size for the ideal fit.
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Designed for underhand and overhead casting in all water types. The long front taper enables effortless pick up and successful anchoring prior to the forward delivery. The head mass is concentrated at the rear end of the belly and close to the rod tip. This facilitates an effective rod load, resulting in excellent line speed on the forward delivery.
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