Evotec 100 Float/Intermediate, WF # 8

Evotec 100 Float/Intermediate, WF # 8

kr 790 -+

Articleno: 100236 
Availability: 20-50
Manufacturerno: 100WF8F/I

As its floating brother but when you need to get sub surface

WF8Floating/Int.10,4m29m18gOlive/Moss Green

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Loop plastic tube 1.8mm comes in 10 colours and serves perfectly as a liner tube for our 3mm plastic tubing or alone for micro tube flies. Compatible with most other tube, cone & disk systems with industry standard 1.8mm & 3mm diameters.
Availability: 20-50
kr 36
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Each of these tips incorporate our latest MDS depth technology to ensure the defined sink rate is both accurate and uniform as the fly swings through the stream. This density compensation integrates unique seamless multi sinking rate technology to maintain a controlled sinking profile from the loop-to-loop connection along the entire length of the tapered tip. All sinking tips are supplied in a handy mesh wallet for ease of storage and transportation.
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kr 290
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