Evotec CAST 9´ #5 Medium

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The Evotec CAST Medium action rods are ideal for delicate fly presentation and encourages longer power application through the smoothest of full flex rod actions. Each rod in this flex tempo is designed for freshwater fishing. These models provide pleasure and performance in equal and delicate measures. From presenting the tiniest of dry flies to rolling out a spey cast for summer run migratory fish, the Evotec CAST Medium rods offer absolute enjoyment with no compromise in performance.

-Blank in aesthetic pearlised golden brown finish. -High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements.
-Triangular aluminum reel seat in bright anodized finish.
-Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides with double coating. -Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules, for correct fit on rod sections.
-Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag.
-Designed and developed in Sweden.

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