Fluoro Fibre Red    2g

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Articleno: 100705 
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Manufacturerno: L0132

Loop Fluorofibre is the softest most mobile fluorofibre on the market. This material creates intense fluorescent tails that shimmer translucently in water and at different depths of colour depending on how light hits the material. Loop Fluorofibre is even soft enough to make ultra tapered, slimline and mobile over-wings on Salmon & Sea Trout flies or mixed within natural fibres in predator and saltwater flies.

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Loop dubbing is a fantastic blend of many synthetic flash materials and some natural fibres to create a soft pliable and easy to use material mix that will make your flies glisten with translucency, changing depths of colour in different light conditions.
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Nylon leader suited to various casting and fishing situations. Optimal for spey and underhand cast with double-hand rods. 15’0?/ 0.37mm
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Loop Wool made from the best Merino wool. For the wool experts, we can tell you that these clothes are made from yarn of 17.5 micron, and it only weighs 130g/m2. This means that Loop Wool is probably the softest woollen garments you have ever tries. Most people know that wool is the perfect thing to use when it is cold, even when your clothes are wet. But did you know that wool is also cooling on warm days? Wool insulates well against heat from the outside, which gives it a cooling effect in the heat.
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Runningline suited for heavy doublehanded rods
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Uv cure multi pupose epoxy lets you finish of your flies with a "Glow in the dark" head. Instantly cures with sunlight or uv lamp. Also available in a clear finish.
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