LOOP XACT 2/6 spare spool

Before:449 kr
349 kr

Articleno: 100175 
Availability: 10-20
Manufacturerno: XACT2-6X

Be ready for all situations equipped with another setup on a sparespool

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If you like to customize your shooting head this 15.5meter head is ready to be cut
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Loop Wool made from the best Merino wool. For the wool experts, we can tell you that these clothes are made from yarn of 17.5 micron, and it only weighs 130g/m2. This means that Loop Wool is probably the softest woollen garments you have ever tries. Most people know that wool is the perfect thing to use when it is cold, even when your clothes are wet. But did you know that wool is also cooling on warm days? Wool insulates well against heat from the outside, which gives it a cooling effect in the heat.
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Opti 210 was developed for the longest possible single hand casts and max distance in both angling and competition situations. Head length is 21.3m.
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Opti Stream is precisely as the name indicates: for flowing water. The new taper is designed for extreme ease in both underhand and overhand casting. Easy to pickup and shoot overhand and yet perfectly balanced for tight, underhand casts. Head length varies between 8.0-9.5m depending upon line class.
WF4Float/Clear Int8m30m12gBlue/Clear
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