LOOP XACT 8/12 spare spool

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439 kr

Articleno: 100177 
Availability: 1-10
Manufacturerno: XACT8-12X

Be ready for all situations equipped with another setup on a sparespool

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Fast action progressive casting styles mean pushing for the limits of performance in modern day fly fishing. Finished in deep pearlised blue, Evotec CAST Fast fly rods are available in single-handed models for both fresh and saltwater fishing and double-handed models for the pursuit of anadromous fish. Evotec CAST Fast fly rods deliver flies quickly to the taking zone without compromising on the positive ‘feel’ response that anglers have come to expect from LOOP fly rods. -Blank in aesthetic pearlised deep blue finish. -High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements. -Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in bright anodized finish. -American Tackle Titanium stripping guides and chrome snake guides on single-hand. -Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides on double-hand. -Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections. -Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag. -Designed and developed in Sweden
Availability: 10-20
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