Loop Sunglass Strap, White

Loop Sunglass Strap, White

Articleno: 100950 
Availability: 50++
Manufacturerno: Strap1

Our new LOOP sunglasses retention system keeps your optics safe from loss or damage whilst fishing. Made from surgical-grade plastic coated steel wire, our retainer keeps both sunglasses and prescription spectacles close to hand when not worn for vision enhancement. Heavy duty ergonomic rubber grips securely attach a wide range of glasses to the retainer. Attach this strong lanyard to our new X10 or V10 range of polarised sunglasses and you have the balance of outstanding polarised performance connected to a totally dependable and lightweight wearing solution.

Keeps optics safe from loss or damage whilst fishing

Ideal for sunglasses and prescription glasses

Made from surgical-grade plastic coated steel wire

Heavy duty ergonomic rubber grips

Size: One Size Fits All

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Loop dubbing is a fantastic blend of many synthetic flash materials and some natural fibres to create a soft pliable and easy to use material mix that will make your flies glisten with translucency, changing depths of colour in different light conditions.
Availability: 50++
Available in four distinct lens colours (Copper/Green, Blue/Grey, Yellow, and Copper/Flash), the X10’s are designed with a smaller frame design than the V10 model, but still retain total eye protection from the elements. These sunglasses utilise outstanding polarised optics and polyamide lens technology to dramatically reduce surface glare and refraction from the water surface.
Availability: 50++