Onka Pants Black/Dark Grey - M

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Plain and simple: when it’s cold, the Onka pants extend your time outdoors. Filled with 80 Silver Primaloft insulation, these change the game in insulated trousers. Made from a durable Polyamide face with an articulated fleece knee and ankle, they are suitable as either a mid layer or an outer layer.

Icy rivers in search of Spring salmon or on the ski slope, the Onka pants are the ideal layering trouser for cold weather. Using Primaloft we’ve harnessed the warmth and lightness of down, whilst retaining heat even when wet. The Onka pants are also heat regulating, so will breathe during periods of high activity. Designed primarily as a mid layer, they fit snugly under waders without any bulk. The articulated fleece knees and ankles increase stretch and aid movement, while double stitching in high wear areas means they’ll be with you season after season.

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