Opti 160 Universal Fly Box, Grey

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Articleno: 101167 
Availability: 1-10
Manufacturerno: O160UFG

A general purpose fly box with a unique ergonomic design for storing a range of flies. Available in Swedish Blue or Carbon Grey.

Weight: 224g
Fly Capacity: 300 Single Flies

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This box is designed as an effective carrying solution for selected fly patterns for any particular day wading the river or stalking the flats. Available in Swedish Blue or Carbon Grey. Weight: 88g Fly Capacity: 172 Single Flies
Availability: 1-10
349 kr
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MADE FROM PREMIUM copolymer, our Synchro Dynamic System (SDS) Tapered Multi Leaders are designed to synchronise energy transfer from the fly line to the fly with seamless proficiency. Our tapered leaders retain maximum knot strength per weight class and benefit from a low refractive index when submerged in water. With an optimised taper configuration, each of our abrasion- resistant leaders ensures perfect fly turnover cast after cast. Low refractive index High tensile strength High abrasion resistance Hand tied LOOP at butt Energy efficient taper configuration
Availability: 1-10
99 kr
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Loop dubbing is a fantastic blend of many synthetic flash materials and some natural fibres to create a soft pliable and easy to use material mix that will make your flies glisten with translucency, changing depths of colour in different light conditions.
Availability: 50++
Før: 49 39 kr
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Loop Flash is the perfect density to add some glisten and extra colour to larger fly wings or underwings in medium flies blending with both natural or synthetic fibres. Hanks are cut about 6” long and can be clipped and blended with angel hair and saltwater angel hair to create your own dubbing blends.
Availability: 50++
Før: 79 49 kr
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