Tippetmaterial 50 m. Dimension: 0,15mm 5x

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Articleno: 100338 
Availability: 50++
Manufacturerno: X185X

Highest quality IGFA-class nylon material.

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Traditional tapered 9' nylon leader.
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Our L Logo T-shirt features a premium cotton/polyester blend combined with a perfect fit and an eye-catching original LOOP artwork featuring the Connecting Fly Fishers World- wide round logo.
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This is our ready to go kit. Rod, reel, line, leader and backing packed and ready.
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The Q Fly line is an excellent multi-purpose weight forward line solution for a cross-section of fly fishing applications. Finished in a stealth green colour to reduce line flash and enhance fly presenta- tion, the Q’s profile is configured for effective fly line turnover in all conditions.
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490 kr
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The Opti Coaster is specifically designed for the variable conditions presented in rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. The thin head allows for tight loops in windy conditions and benefits from a transparent head and light colored running line for clear water environments when stealthy presentation is important. Weight: WF5-8 Head Length: 12m
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Før: 890 490 kr
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