Tippetmaterial 50 m. Dimension: 0,28mm 0x

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Articleno: 100333 
Availability: 50++
Manufacturerno: X180X

Highest quality IGFA-class nylon material.

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Designed for underhand and overhead casting in all water types. The long front taper enables effortless pick up and successful anchoring prior to the forward delivery. The head mass is concentrated at the rear end of the belly and close to the rod tip. This facilitates an effective rod load, resulting in excellent line speed on the forward delivery.
Availability: 1-10
790 kr
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Evotec 85 is designed for both over- and underhand casting in tight spaces and at medium distances. Head length 8.5m.
Availability: 10-20
Før: 790 690 kr
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Nylon leader suited to various casting and fishing situations. Optimal for spey and underhand cast with double-hand rods. 15’0?/ 0.37mm
Availability: 20-50
Før: 79 40 kr
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The Q Fly line is an excellent multi-purpose weight forward line solution for a cross-section of fly fishing applications. Finished in a stealth green colour to reduce line flash and enhance fly presenta- tion, the Q’s profile is configured for effective fly line turnover in all conditions.
Availability: 50++
Før: 490 399 kr
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Highest quality IGFA-class nylon material.
Availability: 50++
Før: 89 59 kr
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