Tippetmaterial dimension: 0,32 mm

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Articleno: 100341 
Availability: 50++
Manufacturerno: X18032

Highest quality IGFA-class nylon material.

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Leader material manufactured in the highest quality fluorocarbon. Higher density than nylon guards against abrasion and allows material to sink easier.
Availability: 50++
Før: 149 99 kr
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The Q Fly line is an excellent multi-purpose weight forward line solution for a cross-section of fly fishing applications. Finished in a stealth green colour to reduce line flash and enhance fly presenta- tion, the Q’s profile is configured for effective fly line turnover in all conditions.
Availability: 20-50
Før: 490 399 kr
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Highest quality IGFA-class nylon material.
Availability: 50++
Før: 89 49 kr
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